Episode 123

Featuring African Music Machine with Black Water Gold – Our second installment of Black History Month Records You Need to Know About!

Episode 122

Kicking off Black History Month with Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain and more!

Episode 121

Featuring The Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat + State of the Union Predictions!

Episode 120

Featuring Spirit’s debut album Spirit + Aaron’s flu season microphone condom!

Episode 119

Featuring Donovan’s The Hurdy Gurdy Man + Schneid sits in!

Episode 118

Featuring The Zombies – Odyssey & Oracle + 50th Anniversary Theme for 2018

Episode 117

Featuring Earth, Wind & Fire’s Holiday + Todd and Aaron invade SQZBX on opening night!

Episode 116

Featuring James Brown’s Soulful Christmas!

Episode 115

Featuring Bootsy Collins – Christmas is 4 Ever

Episode 114

Featuring Subtitle – Young Dangerous Heart + Sonny and Shea sit in!