Episode 114

Featuring Subtitle – Young Dangerous Heart + Sonny and Shea sit in!

Episode 113

Featuring De Facto Megaton Shotblast + Paranormal Investigation of the station with Officer Space Ghost!

Episode 112

Featuring The Convocation Of… + Todd’s Celebrity Birthday Wishes!

Episode 111

Featuring !!! (chk chk chk) + The Axis of Stupid!

Episode 110

Featuring The Keep Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream + Alex Jones takes over the first 30 minutes of the show until disaster strikes!

Episode 109

Featuring the Soundtrack to the film “The Shining” + Alex Jones voicemail and we call Jan Morgan again!

Episode 108

Featuring The City of the Living Dead Soundtrack + The Alex Jones Voicemail!

Episode 107

Featuring The Slumber Party Massacre!

Episode 106

Featuring It Follows The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Disasterpeace!

Episode 105

Featuring Poussez’s self titled album POO SAY + Schooling the Friday DJ’s on the use of bad language!