Episode 149

Featuring Grace Jones “Warm Leatherette” and we discuss doing shows from the Starlite once a month!

Episode 148

Featuring We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It! “Bostin’ Steven Austin”, Rap Snack Rap Battle Recap + Alex Jones blows his brains out on the air!

Episode 147

Featuring the Great Rap Snack Rap Battle of 2018!

Episode 146

Featuring Pussy Cat – Boof! We invent a drink called Hold My Beer + a 3 part report from Dick Dingler!

Episode 145

Featuring The Monks – Black Monk Time – Todd speak random phrases and more!

Episode 144

Featuring The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys, celebrating 40 years of The Cure!

Episode 143

Featuring The Clash + We take a tour of the newly opened Star Lite Club!

Episode 142

Featuring Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 – 4th of July Fireworks Test Results and More!

Episode 141

Featuring Gloria Gaynor’s Experience. Todd trip to Florida, The Great Rap Snack Rap Battle of 2018 planning!

Episode 140

Featuring Ronnie Dyson (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then)Why Can’t I Touch You?